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    Gdansk (Poland)
  1. Damien Perquis will play for Poland, he received Polish nationality.
  2. konri


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lens is the weakest club in Europe
  3. konri

    [live] Brest-Lens

    Demont :wallbash: Eduardo :wallbash: Wallemme demission! PS. Why Akale is on the bench? :censored[1]: Keita also played a correct match against Lyon.
  4. konri

    Ambiance de stade
  5. konri

    Sochaux - Lens

    Demont, Chelle, Eduardo :wallbash: .
  6. konri

    Lens - Boulogne

    4-0 Toif! Asist by Akale. Maoulida and Akale must stay at Lens!
  7. konri

    Auxerre - Lens

    Wallemme demission!
  8. konri


    I still can't believe ... elite of Poland died in the same place where 70 years ago thousands of Polish officers and intelectuals were murdered by NKVD ... PS.
  9. Unbelievable ... What a tragedy for Poland ... I am shocked, so many great politicians, intellectuals, major commands of army - elite of my country ...
  10. konri


  11. konri

    Rumeurs et transferts de L1

    Le Mans wants to buy Jan Mucha. It would be great transfer, if Lens didn't have Runje -> I would suggest buying Mucha whose contract is expiring in June. It is best player in Polish league, he is first golkeeper in his national team - Slovakia, who will go to World Cup. What is more, his club Legia Warsaw (second position in our league) lost the least goals in Europe, average: 0,41 per match. In 17 matches - only 7 goals! It is the biggest Mucha credit. After World Cup he will be famous.
  12. konri

    Valenciennes - Lens

    Boukari, Akale and Maoulida on the bench - I hope that this is because they were exhausted after match in Paris ...
  13. konri

    RC Lens-OGC Nice

    Boukari, Roudet, Akale, Maoulida - what a power of attack! :thumbsup: I am so happy because of Akale and Toif, especially Kanga! :banana:
  14. konri

    Coupe du monde 2010

    I wish France will go after 3 matches to home on World Cup.
  15. konri

    Coupe du monde 2010