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  1. It was very good season and I am proud of them but today I think that Haise should have risked more - we should play very offensively in last 15 mins - not in last 3 mins. I know that Monaco is better, they have better quality of players but draw was nothing for us, we should take more hazard.
  2. I had to say that Haise made very wrong choices by taking out Kalimuendo and Ganago .. Since the entry of static Banza and Sotoca we do not make any dangerous action in offensive .. It is a pity because today we could draw with Paris. Fofana - what a guy, he is everywhere. MVP of current season from our side.
  3. Definitely .. rapture of Achilles tendon is probably the most awful injury for a football player .. I am not a football player but I suffered it and it is really terrible, even worse than ACL tendon rupture (which is more "popular" injury in football than Achilles which is more common in basketball Traore could be placed in the end of the match for Clauss as in our tactics system wingers have to run a lot, especially tomorrow 🙂 It would be a very big challenge but .. I strongly believe in this team and our coach, they are capable of taking point(s) even in Paris 💪.
  4. Farinez - Gradit, Fortes, Medina - Clauss, Michelin* - Doucoure, Cahuzac, Fofana - Sotoca, Kalimeundo or Kakuta instead of Sotoca but Sotoca is actually our first defender, he would we very needed in this match * I know that he is right winger but I am very afraid of Boura in front of Paris SG attackers ..
  5. Thanks for explanation. We loaned some players (Kakuta, Kali, Sylla) and I did not know the details for their agreements :). I am now waiting for a video from locker room to see the joy of our heros 😇. Only a very big pity that stadiums are closed for public ..
  6. I am so praud of them .. What a mentality! Haise made great changments - Nimes was playing very well, it was a matter of minutes when they will score second goal - but entry of Kalimuendo (does Lens have a buy option for him? If yes, I would not hestiate to use it) and Mauricio was decisive. We were playing in 10 so we have only a chance in set pieces to score goal and .. we score that. Haidara - one of silent hereos for me for all of the season, he scored very important goals after corners. And what a ball control of Kalimenuedo, he gave defenders time to have a rest. Even if we f
  7. Yeah, especially that he was not playing bad. Of course there is huge difference between right winger (Clauss - what a great transfer and he did not cost any $) and left winger (Haidara, Sylla, Boura) but Sylla was not so bad. Btw, I think that in the summer we should look for a defensive midlfielder or a central midfielder with a defensive attitude - we have only Cahuzac and Doucoure with such profile, of course also Fofana is playing in the middle of the pitch but his a box to box profile. I do not know if there is any promising young player in reserves for that positions. Varane
  8. Hi everyone .. it has been a long time since I did not post on this forum ☺️. This season made amend for last disappointing years in L2. I am so proud of watching Lens in current season, it is the first time since couple of years when I see a real good spirit within the group. Players respect and present in each match the real Lensois values. I would change Boura for Sylla - Boura entry in Brest was disastrous, it would be better for him to take a loan to a club in which he could play 90 minutes in each match. By the way I am wondering Sylla's case 🤔. Does he have in his loan cl
  9. Football was so cruel tonight, I still feel so heartbroken. After such heroic matches in Paris and Troyes - defeat in such way as today in crucial match - it is so devastate .. Lens has disappointed my so many times in last few seasons that I do not had any expectation before this season but after this heroic win with Paris FC and then enormous effort in Troyes - I believed that it would be that season that we will come back to Ligue 1, to place which Lens deserves .. I noticed that today we do not have any ideas in offensive sector - only long balls for attackers or set pieces - but Dijo
  10. Hi, I'm fine :60: . I was very disappointed in last seasons, but now I believe that with Martel and Mammadov Lens will come back do Ligue 1 where is our place.
  11. Ljuboja could be useful, he was one of the best Legia and Polish league players, the main reason why Legia didn't want to offer him new contract was bad influence that he had on other players, he didn't play in final od Polish Cup becasue he told that he doesn't feel good .. couple ours later he was seen in one of Warsaw clubs (two days later Legia had very important match in league) - he was then ousted from squad. But you must know that in Legia (and in Polish league) he was the biggest star, the biggest salary (500 000 euro in first year, in second it was reduced) in Lens the sitution will
  12. It was Sikora or Garcia on the bench? Why did he choose Toure to change injured N'Diaye???
  13. Damien Perquis will play for Poland, he received Polish nationality.
  14. konri


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lens is the weakest club in Europe
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