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  1. Football was so cruel tonight, I still feel so heartbroken. After such heroic matches in Paris and Troyes - defeat in such way as today in crucial match - it is so devastate .. Lens has disappointed my so many times in last few seasons that I do not had any expectation before this season but after this heroic win with Paris FC and then enormous effort in Troyes - I believed that it would be that season that we will come back to Ligue 1, to place which Lens deserves .. I noticed that today we do not have any ideas in offensive sector - only long balls for attackers or set pieces - but Dijo
  2. Hi, I'm fine :60: . I was very disappointed in last seasons, but now I believe that with Martel and Mammadov Lens will come back do Ligue 1 where is our place.
  3. Ljuboja could be useful, he was one of the best Legia and Polish league players, the main reason why Legia didn't want to offer him new contract was bad influence that he had on other players, he didn't play in final od Polish Cup becasue he told that he doesn't feel good .. couple ours later he was seen in one of Warsaw clubs (two days later Legia had very important match in league) - he was then ousted from squad. But you must know that in Legia (and in Polish league) he was the biggest star, the biggest salary (500 000 euro in first year, in second it was reduced) in Lens the sitution will
  4. It was Sikora or Garcia on the bench? Why did he choose Toure to change injured N'Diaye???
  5. Damien Perquis will play for Poland, he received Polish nationality.
  6. konri


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lens is the weakest club in Europe
  7. konri

    [live] Brest-Lens

    Demont :wallbash: Eduardo :wallbash: Wallemme demission! PS. Why Akale is on the bench? :censored[1]: Keita also played a correct match against Lyon.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AckBoSPQ0g4
  9. konri

    Sochaux - Lens

    Demont, Chelle, Eduardo :wallbash: .
  10. Wallemme demission! Eduardo, Ramos and Jemaa are his favourites and despite poor form they play many matches. Why he didn't give a chance to Situ, Monrose and Akale?
  11. konri

    Ramos vs Bédimo

    Bedimo played 82 minutes. As I wrote - he was one of the best players in the match, he caused many problems in Polish defense. He well dribbled, was very fast and was confident - he really felt good on the pitch (only crosses could be better). In the end of the match he was less visible. Once Bedimo was quite badly fouled, but fortunatelly he came back to the pitch. But you must remember that Poland football is really bad, our national temat is losing matches, our clubs are disgracing in European cups (Wisla Krakow lost with Azerbaijan club ...).
  12. konri

    Ramos vs Bédimo

    I'm watching match Poland - Cameroon. Bedimo is playing as a left winger and he is one of the best players on the field, many times he caused many problems in our defense.
  13. konri

    Lens - Boulogne

    4-0 Toif! Asist by Akale. Maoulida and Akale must stay at Lens!
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