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Tickets for Lens vs Strasbourg


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I am Paul, a football fan from Germany and with 2 friends of mine I want to drive over to Lens and watch a game from your club and spend some time in the city. We would love to visit the game against Strasbourg on 7th April because we all have time on that date. The problem is that we don't really know how to get tickets for the game and when the pre-sale starts and so I looked for Lens supporters who might be able to help. Whether its just help to get the tickets or even someone who goes to the Stadium with us on that day. It would be great if you have any advice or help for us💛❤ 
Also my french is really not that good so I had to write in english. I'm sorry for that.

Just so you guys know, personally I'm a Borussia Dortmund supporter and my one friend is a Frankfurt supporter and the other one a MSV Duisburg supporter.

Have a nice evening🤗

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You can buy tickets here (try opening the page with google translate if needed) https://billetterie.rclens.fr/fr

I'm not sure tickets for that game are available yet but you'll need a lot of luck because every home game has been sold out and it will be the case until the end of the season (this is what happens what you have a successful season and you can only sell 8k new tickets per game). Fans have also the possibility to resell their tickets by using the official platform (same link above) but most of the time it's just 1 or 2 tickets. You would be incredibly lucky to get 3 tickets at once.

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Hi Paul,


It will be tough to get tickets for game in Lens as all billets are already sold to the end of this season.

There should be only 1 solution: a few days before a game, you can purchase a ticket from the officiel Lens site (people that had tickets and cannot come to the game can resell them on this site).

I wish you good luck!

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