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Maoulida's case


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La Voix du Nord révèle ce matin que Toifilou Maoulida a été sanctionné par le staff technique. Jean-Guy Wallemme précise : « Toifilou n'est pas blessé. Au moins, c'est clair ! » L'attaquant lensois aurait notamment quitté l'entraînement de mardi soir "précipitamment".


Being honest: Maoulida is on of my favourite Lens players and I am angry at Wallemme because he doesn't give Maoulida chance despite his quite good performances in this season (when he played in first squad). In my opinion Maoulida in only real striker, real number "9" in our team. Wallemme prefers Eduardo and Jemaa, even if they have some poor matches - they receive their chances in next meetings. I remember that after match in Lille in 07/08 season Maoulida (who played really well since his transfer from Auxerre) criticized JPP and Leclercq that they play with Remy at the point - Toif came as a substitute Lens started playing better, but as a result, we lost 2-1. Since that event Maoulida's postition in the team was reducing, despite that he was our best striker in Ligue 2


Et the end some statictics:

Eduardo: 1776 minutes / 7 goals (2 penalties). Average: 253,7 minutes played for goal; without penalties: 355,2 minutes.

Jemaa: 1298 minutes / 6 goals. Average: 216,3 minutes for goal.

Maoulida: 1026 minutes / 5 goals. Average: 205,2 minutes played for goal.


Edit: result of mtaches in which Maoulida played more than 45 minutes:


Ligue 1: Le Mans - Lens 3:0, PSG - Lens 1:1 (his goal), Lens - Nancy 2:1, Lens - OM 1:0, Lens - Nice 2:0 (his goal), Lens - ASSE 1:0.

Coupe de la Ligue: Montpellier - Lens 3:4, Lens - Lorient 1:2.

Coupe dr France: Lens - Compiegne 1:0 (goal), Lens - OM 3:1 (goal), Lens - Brest 2:1.


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Ah ah really interesting statistics.


In my opinion, there's a certain agreement on this forum that Maoulida is better than Eduardo or we can agree that at least, he deserves to play more often. The fact is that the problem concerning Maoulida is "off-stadium". And actually, I think no one is understanding the nature of the problems between Leclerc and Maoulida.


Globally, I would say that there's too much ego in this football club (for instance Demont). Maoulida is 30, he has a certain experience and he is surely self confident. At the opposite, that's the same for Leclerc, a f***** big ego.

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The problem is that we won't be able to sell him at a good price, despite his really good performances (even at the beginning of this season ...).


My fear is the risk, in the future, to see only footballers with low charism ... in order to avoid any type of conflict with Leclerc. We saw with the last Jemaa-case that Wallemme wasn't just Leclerc's doll and was listened by the players but definitely, the problem is not Wallemme ... (that wasn't obvious for me a few months ago ;) )

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Quel gâchis quand même. C'est idiot de se passer des services de Maoulida, surtout quand on prend en compte la situation - financière - du club. De plus que ce joueur semble être prêt à s'investir pour donner le meilleur de lui même sur le terrain. Dans le même temps les dirigeants ont eux l'objectif de sortir le meilleur de l'effectif à disposition. Et les deux parties sont incapables de marcher dans la même direction, unis autour d'un but commun qui est la réussite du club, qui soit dit en passant, est bien plus importante que l'orgueil des individualités...

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